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Pure gold does not mean that gold is 100% pure. Because of its malleability, it is an alloy with other metals such as nickel, silver, copper and many others.

There are several variables of gold alloyed with other metals. This generally applies to different colors of gold. As a result, a more rosy gold color can be changed by increasing the copper concentration.

The hue and color of the gold is directly determined by the type of alloy used and the concentration of each alloy.



Yellow gold is the Cadillac of gold colors. Among all colors Gold, it is the purest. Yellow gold is composed of a mixture of natural and saturated alloys. It is naturally yellowish in color. The yellow colour is derived from a mixture of silver, copper and zinc with pure gold. The more yellow the gold, the higher its purity and the more malleable and less solid it is. It requires the least maintenance because it is highly hypoallergenic. This gold color is popular for making engagement rings, alliances and the most appropriate to create a collection piece.


White gold is created by mixing gold with alloys of zinc, platinum and palladium. The properties of white gold depend on the alloy and its proportions. Each of the alloys has unique characteristics that it gives to gold. A white gold is solid, durable and ideal for making rings, and jewelry in precious stones. Silver, platinum and copper have a lot of weight that they add to gold to make it more durable and scratch-resistant. white gold wears out over time, but a Rhodium process can restore it to elegance and restore the chandelier to colour. White gold should usually be “Rhodiumer” after a certain period of time, usually after 1 to 3 years.


The color pink gold, also known as Russian gold, evokes romance, elegance and warmth. This is created by combining a gold 24K with copper. The intensity of the pink gold color is determined by modifying the proportion of copper alloyed with pure gold. It is the most robust and durable of all golden colors because copper is a very resistant compound. Wearers have fewer allergies because rose gold is hypoallergenic. Pink gold is also known as golden pink or red gold because a pink color can be created by adjusting the ratio of copper to silver so that the former is in higher proportion.


Black gold, as its name suggests, is not black. Black gold is obtained by placing black rhodium on white gold to produce a classic and daring black finish. There are many methods used to obtain black gold. The most widespread and popular is the Electroplating process.


Grey gold is a golden color that can be used to improve the wearer’s aesthetic. It consists simply of an alloy of copper, silver and manganese in certain proportions.

For alliances and engagement rings, the preference for gold is usually between 14 carat gold and 18 carat gold. This is normally because of their ability to hold precious stones attached to jewellery. Other factors that influence the choice of a gold jewel are the colors of the gold and the quality of the alloys of which it is composed.


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